The results of the pilot study was presented at our conference on 27-28 October 2010 and published on our website.

Rights for Guides ! 

Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the European economy. At the same time, companies face extensive requirements: to cope with the impact of the economic and financial crisis.

But again, it appears that a group of employees in tourism is excluded from transnational representation, information and knowledge about their rights, although they work for transnational tourism companies: tour guides (local representatives of tour operators), tour managers and entertainers. Many tour operators have relocated their tour guide organisations to Switzerland, from where the allocation of tour guides and animatores is steered. By this they are excluded from the labour laws in their countries of origin as well as from the coverage of EWCs. The Swiss labour law does not provide them with any support in their places of work outside of Switzerland. With regard to cost-cutting measures, they are helpless at the mercy of the employers. ETLC starts a project, to investigate the working conditions and work structures of tour guides (local representatives of tour operators), tour managers and entertainers, and to develop proposals for improvement.


Our project is financially supported by the European Community.